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Ronald (Ron) Fears

Vote for Honest Government!

For too long in politics, politicians have been associated with broken promises, underhanded tactics, and consummate lies. This was always chalked up to the old adage, "That's just politics". I want to show the citizens of College Park that a person with morals, vision, and credentials will fight for them with honesty, integrity, and intelligence. Under my leadership, honest government would not be a myth. We cannot continue to indulge or ignore the unethical​ practices of councilmembers and other officials. We need leadership that will take action against such individuals in our government, and give the citizens of College Park the honest and and action-oriented government they deserve. A vote for Ron Fears is a vote for honest government! 

Ronald (Ron) Fears

For City Of College Park Mayor


The Right Person!

      The Right Perspective!

              The Right Credentials!