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Ronald (Ron) Fears

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Ward 4 in College Park

Many of you older residents of Ward 4 know me. Newer residents probably do not. My name is Walter Sheets. I am the retired Chief of Police, having served the City from 1970 through 1996, being born, raised and attending school in College Park. Having retired to another area, I only recently learned of Chief Fear's retirement and subsequent candidacy for the Ward 4 City Council.

Ron Fears came to our police department in the early 1980's, beginning as a Patrolman. As CID Commander, at that time, I quickly noticed that he brought something unique to our agency...a complete understanding of the human mechanism or traits needed for successful relationships between government and citizens. In that particular case, the most difficult type of interactions took place daily - interactions that involved the safety and security of our citizens. Ron seemed to thrive on treating everyone on a personal level...not treating them like some random number awaiting their turn with "big government". Whether it was dealing with a crime victim, a witness, or a senior citizen reporting a problem in their neighborhood, each got swift and personal attention toward resolving the issue. Now this was truly unique for that era!

I recall discussing this with then Police Chief G.L. Glover, that perhaps Ron should apply for a position as a Detective in CID. His expertise in crime fighting and insuring that crime victims and citizens received first class service fit in perfectly with our efforts toward community policing.

Ron became an investigator in our CID unit and rapidly advanced to handling major crimes and other delicate matters that required special expertise. Criminals feared and respected him because he was firm, but fair. During my years as Police Chief, Ron became much more than a subordinate and colleague, he became a trusted confidant and adviser on matters relating to employee issues, human interactions, and the myriad other considerations on which a CEO must focus to maintain an effective agency. A mentor to younger officers, Ron's leadership and professionalism was instrumental in helping our agency more forward --- making it more diverse and fair to ALL -- ALL employees and ALL of the citizens we served.

Looking over Ron Fears campaign slogans -- "leadership" - "honesty" - "integrity" and "transparency", those are not just words he grabbed out of thin air! Those are the principles that Ron lived everyday of his long police career. I know because I was there for much of it! I have no doubt that if elected, Ron will continue to bring these necessary traits to serve ALL citizens of Ward 4 in years to come. How can he do otherwise? These things are a part of his life and his personal code of honor.

- (The late) Walter Tom Sheets, FSA Scot;Chief of Police (Ret.); Retired Chairman & Founder Tri-Cities Narcotics Task Force;

Co-Founding Member-Joint Metro Atlanta/Georgia Counter-Terrorism Group